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Small Farm Fiber
80% Alpaca
20% Tussah Silk
2 oz, carded balls



Small Farm Fiber
100% Alpaca
100g, carded bumps



Small Farm Fiber
100% Corriedale Wool
100g, carded bumps


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Now: $5.00

Why buy Small Farm Fiber?  You can feel good about the money from your purchase going directly to the people who raise the animals, and the people that processes the fiber.  I buy fleece directly from farms, and work personally with mini-mills to have it processed.  It is entirely made in the USA at this time, although stay tuned for some very special super-fine merino from fleeces that I purchased from a small farm in Australia!

Processing Information:  The fiber is also processed in an environmentally-friendly manner, using biodegradable soaps and recycling water whenever possible.  No harsh chemicals are used, though light oil has been added to the fiber in order to process it.  The oil is easily washed out of your finished yarn with soap and water.  The fiber has not undergone a "carbonization" process in which enzymes dissolve all vegetable matter, therefore some small pieces of clean grass, hay, or stickers may remain the roving.  All roving listed is described and photographed to the fullest and best of my ability.  Mini-mills process fiber in small batches of 1-3 fleeces, so each roving is a unique limited edition. 

Bumps are a woolen prep.  The fleece goes through a carder which brushes the fibers, but doesn't align them.  The fiber comes off of the final roller in a sheet, is fed through a funnel to create a strip, and is then wrapped around a cylinder under a slight bit of tension. The bump is then pulled off the end of the cylinder, leaving you with the choice to either pull from the center or from the outside.  The roving is light and thin, and does not need to be stripped further in order to spin a fine yarn.  The bump itself is very portable - no piles of roving to come loose, drag, or tangle.  If you spin this roving long-draw, you can create a truly woolen yarn which is lofty and light.